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Katze Schüssel, yarn bowl
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You must have seen cute pictures with cats lying on their backs with paws up. I liked this view so much that I decided to make a bowl representing it. Its a bowl for knitting or crocheting enthusiasts. You put a ball of wool on cats belly and pass the thread through its tail. The ball is a great gift for cat lovers. You can serve snacks or sweets in it. The cat is enameled white but it has a pink belly. It is all handmade. The kittens are hand painted, so the order may be slightly different from the picture. The product is made to order. Preparation time is from 10 to 15 business days. If you would like such a kitten in a different colour or different shape according to the photo, please write to me and I will make it for you. Dimensions length 20 cm width 15 cm.

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